Mantras for Caregivers

To provide an elderly loved one the support they need to age in place, you must first take care of yourself. Many caregivers feel their loved one’s needs must come first, but they don’t realize how their own health impacts their ability to provide care. This includes their mental health. The tips you’ll often see […]

Easy Ways for Caregivers to Stay Active

For caregivers, the top priority is always the needs of their elderly loved ones. Depending on their stage of life, caring for an older adult can include maintaining the home, cooking for them, running errands, and helping keep them clean. These tasks can take up a great portion of one’s day, and if the caregiver […]

Understanding Challenging Behaviors in Dementia Clients

A study from Columbia University estimates that roughly 10% of adults over age 65 in the United States have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. While the number may not sound particularly high, put it into perspective: 10% is the same as one in 10 individuals. At this number, it is likely that if you don’t know […]

Outdoor Safety Tips for Seniors

Outdoor activities are a major part of life in Arizona. Whether you are a hiker, golfer, or just someone who likes to take long walks, it’s important you take steps to stay safe while doing so. Remember these outdoor safety tips for seniors when you head outside, especially as we approach the hottest time of […]

Easy Earth Day Activities for Seniors

In the 20th century, it became increasingly apparent how important it was to respect the earth we live on. This was one of the primary reasons Earth Day was created, and since its conception in 1970, it has become one of the most popular secular observances in the world. Earth Day is a fantastic opportunity […]

How Technology Can Improve Senior Living

In the past 100 years alone, the world has seen incredible advancements in technology. From telephones only being able to connect you to a neighbor, to essentially carrying small computers with us wherever we go, it is truly incredible to see how our lives have changed thanks to technology. The advancements in technology extend far […]

Easy Ways for Seniors to Reduce Stress

No matter who we are or what profession we hold, stress is something we are bound to experience at some point or another. The sensation is never a welcome one, but stress really becomes a serious problem when it occurs over extended periods of time. Chronic stress can lead to health concerns, which is a […]

How to Fight Springtime Allergies

No matter where you live in the world, springtime brings on a new onslaught of allergies for all who suffer from them. Allergies are disruptive at any age, but they can be even more severe as you age into older adulthood. This year, know how to fight springtime allergies so you can enjoy the season […]

Why it is Useful for Senior Caregivers to be Bilingual

The United States we know today was built by immigrants. Since the country became independent centuries ago, people from all races and cultures across the world have come here to build a new life. Though immigration rates are always changing, this still holds as true. According to a study from 2010, 12% of the elderly […]

The Importance of Quality Sleep for Seniors

Sleep is one of the rare bodily functions that scientists don’t completely understand quite yet. Though there is still much up in the air, one thing researchers do know is just how important it is to one’s overall bodily function. Sleep impacts how our heart pumps blood, our metabolism, our brain function, and more. With […]