Healthy Cold Weather Meals for Seniors

While Arizona does not get nearly as cold as some other states, the nights can be particularly chilly in the winter. On these nights, we want our comfort cold-weather foods—but there is a problem with these dishes: most of them are not healthy. Healthy eating is crucial at all ages, of course, but it is […]

Great Exercise Regimens for Seniors

We’ve heard our whole lives how exercise and nutrition are crucial to a healthy lifestyle. For seniors in particular, this is more important than ever. As we age, our bodies become less able to handle impact on our joints. Our balance suffers. Our energy slips. There is one way to counteract the degradation one experiences […]

Tips for Aging Well

When one thinks of the phrase “aging well,” it is usually in reference to a person’s looks. While that might be part of it, aging well has so much more to do with one’s physical and mental health than it does their physical looks. Feeling good on the inside will translate to looking good on […]