How to Fight Springtime Allergies

No matter where you live in the world, springtime brings on a new onslaught of allergies for all who suffer from them. Allergies are disruptive at any age, but they can be even more severe as you age into older adulthood. This year, know how to fight springtime allergies so you can enjoy the season […]

Celebrating Caregiver Appreciation Day

Whether they provide aid to someone with chronic illness, disability, or someone who just needs a little help to stay at home, caregivers are some of the hardest-working individuals we walk among. Even though their work revolves around supporting another individual, the nature of the career can be isolating. It’s important that we take time […]

Differences Between a Home Caregiver and a Home Health Aide

There comes a point in many adults’ lives when they realize that their elderly parent or other loved one can’t care for themselves like they used to be able to. In order to remain in the comfort of their home, they need assistance. Making a decision about what to do for your loved one is […]

Why Mindfulness is Important for Caregivers

Caregivers are some of the hardest-working individuals out there. Whether they offer support to a family member or provide professional care services, these individuals work tirelessly to ensure seniors have everything they need to live comfortably at home. Many of these individuals then go home to take care of their families and pursue their careers. […]

Things to Remember When Becoming a Caregiver

Taking on the family caregiver role brings with it challenges and rewards unlike any other. Upon making this change, you’ll likely be bombarded with advice for caregiving techniques from all sides. This is useful advice, of course, but there are other crucial things to remember when becoming a caregiver that will help you offer your […]

What Services Can a Caregiver Assist With?

Aging is a natural part of life, and with it comes its own set of challenges. Things that we used to take for granted– like bathing, dressing, cooking, and other activities of daily living– now aren’t as simple to take care of. While you may want to remain in the comfort of your home, safety […]

Healthy Cold Weather Meals for Seniors

While Arizona does not get nearly as cold as some other states, the nights can be particularly chilly in the winter. On these nights, we want our comfort cold-weather foods—but there is a problem with these dishes: most of them are not healthy. Healthy eating is crucial at all ages, of course, but it is […]

How Do I Know When My Loved One Needs a Caregiver?

There comes a point in everyone’s life when they notice little changes in their loved one. It may not be anything substantial, but when it’s enough to raise eyebrows they’ll be left wondering “how do I know when my loved one needs a caregiver?” The answer to that question is different for every senior, but […]

How Do I Become a Caregiver?

Not everyone was meant to work a traditional desk job. While these jobs are certainly essential, they don’t allow you the one-on-one interaction with others that you may crave. If you’re the type of person who loves to help others and wants to make a difference in their lives, then a career as an in-home […]