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Indoor Exercises for Seniors

Whether it’s the uneven ground, the heat of summer, or the chill of winter, many seniors don’t prefer to get their physical activity outdoors. However, this shouldn’t be a cause for skipping out on exercise altogether. Being too sedentary will not only lead to muscle and joint problems— it may also increase feelings of sadness and depression.

For the sake of your mental and physical health, don’t give up on physical activity. Try one, or some combination of, these indoor exercises for seniors. Just remember to speak with your doctor before starting any fitness journey. This way, you know you’re partaking in an activity that is best for you.

Get limber with yoga

Yoga is more than the contortionist-like poses you might see across social media. One quick search will show you a myriad yoga poses that are safe for seniors. For completely free training, look up beginning yoga, or yoga for seniors, on YouTube. As you get accustomed to the practice, you can look up more targeted videos like “yoga for knees” or “yoga for strength training.”

The practice encourages you to interact mindfully with your body and surroundings—which is great for both your mental and physical health. All you need is your body weight! As time goes by, you will experience improvements in your strength, flexibility, and balance.

Dance doesn’t feel like exercise

You’ve probably worked up a sweat dancing at some point without even realizing it because you were having so much fun. Studies show that those who dance on a regular basis see reduced stress and depression, and an increase in energy levels. So, put that fun in your everyday life and start dancing.

You don’t have to follow any particular routine for this form of exercise, just put on some upbeat music and get going. However, if you would like more guided practice, you can once again find what you’re looking for in a quick search on YouTube. There are a wide variety of exercise videos there.

Strengthen your legs with step-climbing

It’s important that you pay special attention to the muscles in your knees, ankles, and the rest of your legs. A great way to exercise this point in your body without any special equipment is with step-climbing. For this aerobic exercise, you use the first step of your staircase to step up, around, and back down to the floor.

If you don’t have stairs, a small step stool pressed against the wall will do fine. Just be certain it is sturdy and non-slip. Don’t be afraid to use the handrail of your stairs to stay safe!

Walk around your home

Going on a walk doesn’t have to be dictated by the weather outside. When it’s less than desirable, take a walk around your home for the same length of time you would have been on an outdoor walk. Keep yourself entertained by putting on music or a podcast.

Or, if you have enough space in your living room, pace while you watch a TV show instead of sitting down. It may not seem like much, but a walk has more health benefits than you may think.

When all else fails, join a gym

If you can afford it, joining a gym is a great way to get out of the home without actually braving the elements. Each day you could target specific muscle groups, then repeat the cycle once you complete it. Between stationary bikes, resistance bands, row machines, and so much more, you’ll be able to find fitness and fun.

If building a routine is difficult for you, call upon the help of one of the gym trainers. They will develop an exercise regimen that works for you and keep you motivated while you work. Should you be a member of a larger gym, you may be able to join a group class for older adults.

Don’t worry about home care with Home Care Powered by AUAF

The activities of daily living—such as personal care, cooking, and running errands—that we used to take for granted can grow to be difficult as you age. Don’t let that hold you back. An at-home caregiver can assist with your non-medical needs so that you can move about life as you please.

For more information on how home care can help, call us at (623) 526-6367.

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