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How to Make Your Outdoor Space Senior-Friendly

Outdoor living is part of the lifestyle in Arizona. For many individuals, it’s important to have a comfortable space they can retreat to when they wish to enjoy the sunshine. However, if you are a senior, it’s important you have a space that fits your lifestyle and your needs. To stay safe as you enjoy the fresh air, learn how to make your outdoor space senior-friendly.

Whether you have a back deck or a backyard, these tips will come in handy for keeping you and your loved ones safe all year long.

How to Make Your Outdoor Space Senior-Friendly

Clear space so there is room to move around

To make your space the outdoor oasis you want it to be, you likely have furniture, grilling tools, and yard maintenance equipment at the ready. However, having too many things out and about our space can make it difficult to move around. Clutter heightens your risk of serious trips and falls.

Having an easy-to-navigate space will make your life easier– especially for older adults with limited mobility. You should always have enough room for not only your two feet, but any canes, walkers, or wheelchairs. As you arrange your space, remember to keep walkways clear and wide.

Make sure the stairs are safe

Stairs can pose quite a hazard for seniors—especially when they are outdoors. Any debris poses a tripping hazard, and if any rain has graced the area, it may be slippery. This is especially dangerous if the stairs aren’t evenly spaced or crooked. If you have a deck with stairs leading out to it, or stairs that lead to a yard, take steps to ensure they are easily navigable. You should also install adhesive strips that help with traction.

Make a point to ensure your porch railings are sturdy. If your steps do not have any handrails, call someone to install them as soon as possible. If there is space for it, consider installing a ramp so it is more easily accessible to those bound to a wheelchair.

 Mark any changes in elevation

If you have a deck, it’s possible that they consist of several levels. While this is interesting from a stylistic perspective, if they are not easy to see, you could trip over them. Mark these changes in elevation with a bright stripe of tape or paint (you could even use adhesive tape here). Something reflective for nighttime would be especially beneficial.

If you are aware of any sunken areas in the yard, it may be a good idea to make note of these. One of the best ways to do this is with a small flag. Then, when you’re ready to fill these holes, you’ll have easy-to-locate markers!

Stay safe in your back yard

Set up lighting for nighttime enjoyment

Especially this time of year, evenings outside are lovely. Transform your outdoor living area into one you can use any time of year by installing plenty of lights. These can include outdoor stake lights, string lights, or outdoor floor lamps. You should also place small lights around the steps to illuminate them clearly.

Lights that are motion-activated, or solar lights, will save you the fuss of having to turn each individual light on. You can also purchase smart bulbs that can be controlled with the touch of a button.

Provide ample seating

Even if you live at home alone, you should still have plenty of furniture options for you. You may want some chairs out in direct sunlight, but there should also be options that get in you in shade. Alternatively, you could purchase large outdoor umbrellas or pergolas, but pushing furniture up against the home or under a tree will work well too.

These options for seating areas are not only great for you, but any guests you host. Enjoying the time outdoors with family members will be fantastic for both your mental health.

Home care can help you live comfortably

While aging in place is ideal for most seniors, when activities of daily living grow to be difficult, it starts to feel impossible. However, you can retain your independence with the help of a direct care worker.

For 30 years, Home Care Powered by AUAF has offered support to seniors in the greater Chicago area. Now, we are thrilled to offer the same, exemplary service to seniors in Arizona. If you think you would benefit from the support of a direct care worker, give us a call at (623) 526-6367. We would be happy to help.

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