Mantras for Caregivers

To provide an elderly loved one the support they need to age in place, you must first take care of yourself. Many caregivers feel their loved one’s needs must come first, but they don’t realize how their own health impacts their ability to provide care. This includes their mental health. The tips you’ll often see […]

Easy Ways for Caregivers to Stay Active

For caregivers, the top priority is always the needs of their elderly loved ones. Depending on their stage of life, caring for an older adult can include maintaining the home, cooking for them, running errands, and helping keep them clean. These tasks can take up a great portion of one’s day, and if the caregiver […]

Differences Between a Home Caregiver and a Home Health Aide

There comes a point in many adults’ lives when they realize that their elderly parent or other loved one can’t care for themselves like they used to be able to. In order to remain in the comfort of their home, they need assistance. Making a decision about what to do for your loved one is […]

Why Mindfulness is Important for Caregivers

Caregivers are some of the hardest-working individuals out there. Whether they offer support to a family member or provide professional care services, these individuals work tirelessly to ensure seniors have everything they need to live comfortably at home. Many of these individuals then go home to take care of their families and pursue their careers. […]

Things to Remember When Becoming a Caregiver

Taking on the family caregiver role brings with it challenges and rewards unlike any other. Upon making this change, you’ll likely be bombarded with advice for caregiving techniques from all sides. This is useful advice, of course, but there are other crucial things to remember when becoming a caregiver that will help you offer your […]

Showing Your Caregiver Appreciation During the Holiday Season 

Every day, your family caregiver works diligently to ensure you stay comfortable and confident in your home. While you likely show your appreciation in small ways throughout the year, the holiday season is the perfect time to step up and express in a more meaningful way how thankful you are for your caregiver’s work. Showing […]

Have a Safe and Fun Halloween with Seniors

Halloween is a favorite holiday among Americans for good reason: it’s pure fun. It is a holiday dedicated to celebrating the strange through treats and parties. There isn’t the stress associated with buying presents and visiting family: it’s all about having a good time. This is why Halloween can be such a fun holiday for […]

Home Care Services Covered by Medicaid

As we age, things aren’t as simple as they used to be. Tasks like grocery shopping, meal preparation, and housekeeping are annoying chores to just about anyone, but for seniors, they’re more than mere annoyances. Physical and mental limitations can make these errands difficult to execute. To take care of themselves, many seniors have to […]

Cognitive Activities for Your Elderly Loved Ones

As our loved ones age, it is increasingly important to keep their minds active. The brain is just like any other muscle— it needs to be exercised to maintain its strength. That mental fitness can be maintained through cognitive activities for your elderly loved ones to improve memory, problem-solving skills, and communication abilities. Importance Of […]

Why Elderly Care is So Important

In recent studies, researchers have discovered a correlation between anxiety and age. While the reason can’t be pinned down to a single factor, it is likely due to changes in the brain and nervous system, and the higher likelihood of experiencing stressful life events in the first place. This makes doing what one can to […]